New Services

New gas Lay out & design –   The size and complexity of the new gas install’s will vary due to the total fuel amount needed for the application

Plant facility commissioning-

Provincial Gas contractor license’s across the nation

WCB & Liability Insurance

Solitude values sincere instructions from the client, with a clear explanation in any troubleshooting, while identifying any obstructions that will drag out / possibly create an interrupted game plan

Natural gas / propane upgrades to save the client’s exponential long term savings of utility bill’s

Solitude’s primary role with any  & all clientele is to build a long term, valuable contract that will stabilize & control maintenance costs for the client.

Solitude’s role in special maintenance will evaluate all current stand by generator’s with up to date check lists. Reports will be processed, frequently past error’s will be further inspected & any possible potentional cost surging downtime issue’s will be rectified to save the clients any future problematic shutdown’s.

Certified Class A / Class B Gasfitter’s

Recent Projects

  • Underground services
  • Generator Installations/repairs
  • Switch Heater Snow Melter Installations
  • HDPE Fusion Welded Underground Gas Lines
  • Multiple Propane Tank Set up